How "GRACE" with Facilitator's Guide Works with 12 Steps


  • A Creative Tool for Engaging Clients


       The award winning film "Grace." is ideal for   

       addressing key issues faced by those in

       recovery, presented in a compelling and

       unique way, and accompanied by a practical

       facilitator's guide.


  • Created by a Team of Experts and Specialists


       The facilitator's guide features five lessons

       created with flexibility and practical

       implementation in mind.


  • Compassionately Covered Topics Include;


  1.        The pitfalls of early recovery

  2.        How to maintain lasting sobriety

  3.        Denial

  4.        Surrender

  5.        Support/sponsorship

  6.        Relationships in early recovery

  7.        Relapse


          This is a must have addition

             to any recovery program.