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How "GRACE" with Facilitator's Guide Works with 12 Steps


  • A Creative Tool for Engaging Clients


       The award winning film "Grace." is ideal for   

       addressing key issues faced by those in

       recovery, presented in a compelling and

       unique way, and accompanied by a practical

       facilitator's guide.


  • Created by a Team of Experts and Specialists


       The facilitator's guide features five lessons

       created with flexibility and practical

       implementation in mind.


  • Compassionately Covered Topics Include;


  1.        The pitfalls of early recovery

  2.        How to maintain lasting sobriety

  3.        Denial

  4.        Surrender

  5.        Support/sponsorship

  6.        Relationships in early recovery

  7.        Relapse


          This is a must have addition

             to any recovery program.




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What's being said about GRACE.


"(Grace.) is the latest addition to our Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat's library.  We are very discerning about the films we share with our guests.  Our guests trust us with their very lives and we do everything in our power to make sure their first few weeks and months in recovery are built on a solid foundation.  There are many movies about addiction and recovery, yet many of them miss the mark for the type of healthy recovery messages we want to share with our guests.  GRACE. the movie is right on target, steeped with the knowledge and experience of Alcoholics Anonymous.


GRACE. is an excellent film.  It is fresh and contemporary, yet timeless in it's familiar story of denial and the heartbreaking challenges of breaking through denial. Almost every aspect of early recovery is touched upon in an honest, yet non-exploitive way......Serenity Vista ordered the full kit (Newcomers Package) which includes the Facilitator's Guide.  The guide is very well written and easy to use.  It pulls key aspects of the film and recovery to the attention of the newcomers.  There are video clips posted on the Vimeo (site) that the facilitator can show for a total of 6 modules.  The questions are (thought) provoking for the newcomers to look at their own lives and recovery.  Thanks to the GRACE. team for such an excellent production and obvious labour of love.  You are sharing the message in a powerful way.  Thank you for your service."


                                   Jane Derry

                                     Serenity Vista

                                     Addiction Recovery Retreat

                                         Panama, Central America

"...our staff viewed it and loved the hopeful message contained within, so determined it would be incorporated into our program... Most were able to gain perspective about relationships, recovery, and sobriety throughout the film"


                               Choices Counseling



"Grace was powerful and amazing.  The kids really enjoyed the movie.  They were able to discuss many of the themes in the facilitator's guide."


                               Marissa Policicchio

                               Subst. Abuse Prevention

                               Education Specialist

                               FL Lutheran Services

                               Oasis Youth Shelter

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