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               Tips For Using The Facilitator's Guide


 C Joy has created a Quick Reference Guide to help you get started.


 Two options for streaming the videos;


 A.   Stream them one-by-one as you facilitate each module.


 B.   Download all of them at once.  Then use them as needed to

           facilitate each module.


        Page 8 is most important in helping you get started.



 TO GET STARTED on your computer or laptop....


 1.   Open your search engine page of choice -

       (FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc...)


 2.   DO NOT write in the search engine window.   

       Instead, go to theADDRESS BAR at the top of the page and type               That will immediately bring up

       the first video for Module 2 (Module 1 is the full movie).  For

       each successive Module replace the 121198091 number with the

       one that coincides with that Module.  Continue this process for

       each new module.


 3.  When the page comes up that says PRIVATE VIDEO, enter the

       password provided in your facilitator's guide on page 8. 


        Pages 9 - 27 are for the facilitator to use as a guideline

        when working in each module.


        Pages 28-33 are for participants.  Copy and distribute for discussion.


        If you have difficulty please feel free to call or text me (Jim) for help

        at 407-929-3191 or email him at



If You Work It

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