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Family News Archive

Finding Peace
April  2016

The One thing we want in our life that eludes us at every turn.  How do we keep our eye on The Light.

A Letter To My Mom
March  2016

A son writes to his mother from the county jail.  The realities and consequences of addiction bear themselves out in this poignant letter home.

Addiction is a Family Disease
February 2016


The Addict, The Enabler, The Family


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Fear Leads to Anger
Anger Leads to Hatred
Hatred Leads to Suffering
January 2016


Breaking the chain of Fear.......


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The Importance of Recovery Groups

 December 2015


You didn't choose addiction.  Yet here it is, taking on your daily life.  So what's a person to do?


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The Waves of GRACE.

 November 2015


No matter what the situation, there is an underlying current that will never slow or change unless we make a decision to do so.  Whether you find love, care for someone who is ill, take on a new job or travel around the world, that underlying current will still be there when you are finished.  The core issues that we have avoided return, sometimes with a different cloak, and will not leave until we open the door that is right in front of us.  With the concept of doing our part to inspire life in mind we launch our monthly newsletter to share experience, strength and hope so that we all can move forward in our struggle to find peace.


We welcome you with open arms to a world of healing.....


If You Work It

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