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What film audiences say about GRACE.


Thinking about watching the GRACE DVD or using the 12 Step Guide for your group?  

Please take a moment to hear the message of hope in the following reviews:

A Remarkable Film....

"...We all need grace, yes, but when life gets ugly (and we all know it does) then giving hope can save a life.  The best part of giving hope???  It's priceless, and once given, multiplies...."                                                                                                     Blue W

See This Film.
You Won't Be Sorry.

"...I have been surrounded by addicts my whole life, and I seek out films about addiction, and am usually left cold. Annika Mark's central performance brought me to tears...I know the woman she was channeling, or at least that's how it felt to me.....the AA scenes are what AA ACTUALLY looks like, unlike most films which make (it) a depressing. dark experience."

                                                                             Jennifer R

.....this little gem

"I was turned on to this little gem by a friend.  It turned out to be captivating, and the acting by Annika Marks and, of course, Sharon Lawrence was superb.  I definitely recommend this --  especially for those considering going through a 12-step program."

                                                                        Kerri P

Everyone must see this film!


"Everyone must see this film! Annika Marks (Gracie) captures your heart from the first scene and keeps you enthralled through her entire emotional journey. Sharon Lawrence...and the rest of the cast are wonderful to watch as well, as they create a dynamic ensemble that...tell a story every audience member can relate to in some way."                                                                       Anonymous


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