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A Recovery Story


I am the husband and father of this family and I feel it was a blessing to be an alcoholic.  I am sure you think that statement is crazy, but I have found a fellowship out there called AA, which has members who really care about my recovery.  They listen and understand me.


I found out that I am not a bad person, who is morally weak with no discipline.  I have a complex disease.  I was taught some people are prone to alcoholism and that liquor therefore poses a threat to some drinkers, just as sugar poses a threat to diabetics.  I have had a long, painful road to recovery.  I, too, tried to stop drinking on my own.  I signed several pledges with the priest, quit for months at a time, but something always happened to trigger another drink - a death of a friend, a loss of business, a fight with my wife -  all excuses to have a drink,  because I needed one and I couldn't stop at just one.


When my wife said she was turning me over to God, (they call it "Let Go - Let God") real problems came and I got progressively worse and finally, my health gave out, my arms and legs became numb and I ended up in the hospital and on to a Treatment Center  for a month.


It might sound funny, but I am grateful it all happened to me.  I now live just one day at a time in all my affairs and only this day do I choose not to drink.  This program is the only way to sobriety.



Gracie is a newcomer who finds peace and serenity from the women of AA. You can experience her journey by watching Grace. on this website at the STREAM NOW page or by ordering your own copy (and we have a two-pack to share) at BUY THE DVD NOW page.  Find more information about  Alcoholics Anonymous at



THE FAMILY -       

A Grateful Member of Al-Anon


I have been married over 20 years and have a large family.  About 8 years ago I began to notice that my life was falling apart - no communication between my husband and myself - a lot of promises broken - social events spoiled by his behavior - alone at night most of the time - many sleepless nights - very impatient with my children.


I spent most of the time in my doctor's office and weeks in the hospital.  I really felt I was losing my mind.  My whole world revolved around what my husband was doing, who he was with, when he would be home and if he would be drunk and sick when he got there.  I was desperate and had hit bottom when a friend suggested Al-Anon.  I had counseled wth my priest, made several novenas and retreats and, finally, I left myself open to God's Will for me.


I did not like my first Al-Anon meeting.  They would not tell me what to do to stop my husband from drinking.  They just said for me to work on myself and that a change in my attitude might help.  They suggested that I learn all the facts and put them to work in my own life, attend Al-Anon meetings, and go to a competent counselor who had experience in this field.


I am happy to say that I did what they suggested and I have now been a grateful member of Al-Anon for over 3 years.  It is the best thing I ever did for myself and my family.  The program really works (if you work it).  I can now make choices of whether to be happy or miserable and I give everyone else the same privilege.  I found out that attempting to force the alcoholic to stop drinking, without first learning and changing myself, will simply make matters worse. 


Sharing in the group will help convince you that the alcoholic is sick, not sinful.  I also learned what not to do, such as; don't treat the alcoholic like a child, don't check up to see how much they have been drinking, don't search for hidden liquor (and) don't pour liquor away - they always find ways to get more.  Don't nag about their drinking, and never argue while they are under the influence.  Don't preach, reproach, scold, or enter into quarrels.


If you can bring yourself to avoid these things you'll be well on the way to a more comfortable frame of mind.  Believe me, the Al-Anon program really works!




See how this program worked for Gracie's family by streaming or purchasing a DVD on this website.  For more information on this family disease go to to find an Al-Anon meeting near you. 







If You Work It

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