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Flint Powers Catholic High School Alum screens film about addiction and recovery

FLINT, Michigan - (5/2/2017) - In the opening scene from the movie "Grace" actress Annika Marks wakes up on the beach after a night of heavy drinking not knowing where she is.

It's a story a Flint Powers Catholic alum hopes hits home -- people struggling with addiction.

Tuesday night Cindy Joy Goggins screened her first full length feature film before a packed auditorium at the high school.

Goggins tells us this production was born out of the desire to help others facing the everyday battle with drugs and alcohol.

The movie "Grace" doesn't pull any punches. The 92-minute film tackles the topic of a young woman's addiction to alcohol.  But it's also a story of hope.

"It comes from a personal journey in recovery," Cindy Joy Goggins explained during an interview before the screening. "I counted today 1,892 days of continuous sobriety.  It is through a spiritual experience that my life has turned around."

Goggins says she sought treatment at Hazelden and Betty Ford and joined a 12-step fellowship group after the death of her mom and dad within 7 days of each other in 2010.


"That fellowship saved my life.  Other women, sponsors, they really carried me through the experience and they also really supported me through the making of the film," Goggins added.

While the film is not a biopic, she hopes the story of a young girl's recovery provides hope to other young people.

"The most important thing is trust and rely on God.  If you're doing the next right thing then you're going to reach those dreams and those goals you have for yourself," Goggins said.

The film resonated with the audience members.  We spoke with one man from Gaines who's been sober from his drug of choice since June 19 of 2016.

"Meetings are really important ," he noted. "They say it's your shield, your armor, ...helps you get through your days, your weeks, your months, just something to keep you away from the thoughts of wanting to go back and ruin your life and use drugs again."


Q & A with Hazelden alumna C Joy Goggins from TOGETHER Magazine






August 9, 2016


C Joy Films announces a National Recovery Month Special for their Award-Winning Feature Film, GRACE.


“Grace.” will be offered as a multimedia group curriculum and DVD set at a special discounted price through the end of September in support of National Recovery Month.  On-line streaming and individual DVD’s will also be discounted and available exclusively through their website at


C Joy Films is working alongside SAHMSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) to give hope to the suffering addict, educate family members, and provide support to professionals by reducing the cost at GraceTheMovie.US.


This full-length motion picture was produced by Cindy Joy Goggins and Sylvia Caminer, and stars Annika Marks (as Gracie) "The Fosters" and Sharon Lawrence (as Sonia) "NYPD Blue" / "Rizzoli & Isles".  In the award-winning film, newcomer Gracie is guided through her struggle with alcoholism by her loving sponsor Sonia, and is encouraged by a caring twelve step AA community who loved her until she could love herself enough to create a sober life worth living.


“Grace.” compassionately looks at the disease of addiction, the pitfalls of early recovery and how to maintain lasting sobriety.  The multimedia curriculum and facilitator’s guide was created by a team of experts and practitioners in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.  Six lessons are presented in the curriculum with flexibility and practical implementation in mind. Each lesson utilizes short video clips from the film to address such topics as denial, surrender, sober support/sponsorship, romantic relationships in early recovery, and relapse. The curriculum addresses these issues in a relatable style to promote solution-based recovery.


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